The Return of Lady Jane (The Scandal Sheet, #1) by Jess Michaels


Lord Colin Wharton is newly married to a woman his mother chose. He is still recovering from a past betrayal. When he finds his new wife in a similar betrayal, he is quick to act. He banishes her to his estate and has no intention of seeing her again.

Jane is left confused and hurt at her new husband’s actions. They had only hours earlier shared a passionate interlude when he sent her from his home. When six months have passed, and he never once responded to her letters she sets off for London to visit her sister.

When Colin learns of her return, he seeks her out and orders her to his home to avoid scandal. Once alone they find themselves still passionately drawn to each other. Can they overcome the past hurt or is there something more dangerous lurking nearby?

This novella is a great start to what looks to be another fabulous series by my favourite author Jess Michaels. The story, while compact, is bursting with a well-written plot and compelling characters.

I received an advance reader copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. My thoughts and opinions are my own.

P.S Happy New Year to all my followers, may the new year bring lots of exciting new books to review.


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