The Last Duke (The 1797 Club #10) by Jess Michaels


The Last Duke is the final instalment in Jess Michaels’ phenomenal 1797 Club series. While part of a series each book can be read as a standalone, however, this book does feature all the pairings in the prior instalments, so you may wish to read their stories first but it’s not necessary.

Christopher “Kit” Collins’ is the last of his friends to marry, his last few years have been devoted to spending time with his dying father. His father is beloved by both him and his friends as an exceptional man and father. His passing causes much heartache and Kit is thankful he has so many people to rely on. He also has the mammoth task of raising his illegitimate half-sister who is also bereft at the loss of their father.

His father hired a governess to care for his daughter before his death and this further complicates Kit’s life as he has met Sarah Carlton before during her last season before she was forced to leave society for a life in service.

Sarah knows that Kit still resents their last encounter where she made some ill-advised comments while slightly tipsy. She genuinely cares for her charge and her position as a governess is all that keeps her from a destitution. She is terrified that she will lose her position and when a near-fatal accident occurs, passions ignite, and Sarah realises she stands to lose more than just her position. She risks her heart.

This book is a fitting end to a great series and I am sad to say goodbye to this wonderful group of dukes and the women who captured their hearts. I voluntarily read and reviewed an advance copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


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