The Sheriff’s Mail-Order Bride (The Watson Brothers #2) by Ann B. Harrison

This book had so many elements I love, mail-order bride, angst ridden hero and adorable baby.

The story started off great, misunderstandings, meddling family, will they/won’t they romance. The characters backstory was well thought out and executed brilliantly. The hardship the two lovers had to overcome was so heartbreaking.

it’s the ending that really let me down. The issue I had was suddenly they were instantly in love and the conflict over before it really began. I don’t want to give any spoilers so I wont elaborate.I feel like there was more needed to develop the story so it didn’t feel rushed at the end. This is the same problem I had with the first instalment of the series. It started off so well and then the story is over before it ever really began.
I won’t be continuing with the series as I feel the same pattern will repeat itself.



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