Something More by Winnie Griggs

This book provides a different take on the familiar mail order bride premise. Elthia, hoping to prove to her wealthy family that she can be an independent woman believes she is being sent by an agency to be a governess for three months, to two children who live with their father and a bed-ridden mother. Instead she discovers she has signed a contract to be a mail order bride.

Caleb needs to marry or the judge is going to split up his six nieces and nephews and so reaches an agreement with Elthia to annul the marriage once the adoption is formalised. As to be expected in a romance novel, love grows and the marriage becomes real.

The prologue immediately grips you, young Caleb’s world was first turned upside down by the death of his father, and then with the separation from his siblings. This is the motivation for Caleb wanting to keep his nieces and nephews together, no matter the personal sacrifice. Elthia’s clumsiness and ineptness at household tasks proves a hurdle in her new responsibilities however her ease with the children more than makes up for this. The story progressed at a good pace, however I felt the drama at the end was unnecessary.


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