Bride of the High Country (Runaway Brides #3) by Kaki Warner

I preferred the two previous books in the series. The first part of the book deals with Lucinda’s life prior to arriving Heartbreak Creek. Lucinda, or Margaret as she then was, proved to be an admirable heroine who’s story moves you as she overcomes severe adversity in her search for safety and security.

It’s the middle section of the book that really lets down the overall book. This is where the story overlaps with the previous books. In fact a section of the book appears to have been copied and pasted from Heartbreak Creek, the first in the series. I find this to be just lazy writing. It slows down the pace of the novel as you start to lose interest when you find yourself re-reading a segment from another book.

Overall it was a nice ending to the runaway brides trilogy and I look forward to revisiting Heartbreak Creek in the next series.


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