The Vampire’s Mail Order Bride (Nocturne Falls #1) by Kristen Painter


There are two types of plots I can’t resist-mail order brides and paranormal romance. To find both in this one story is a combination I could not resist. Set in a town where every day is Halloween, (my favourite holiday) my expectations were high. This didn’t disappoint.

Delaney, on the run from a mobster boss, grabs a file from a matchmaking agency and sets out for Nocturne Falls to hide, little releasing she is on her to meet a vampire.

Hugh has no interest in remarrying after his first wife died during the transformation to vampire three hundred years ago. Consumed with guilt he refuses to take the risk again. Thanks to his meddling grandmother he finds himself in the exact situation he has tried to avoid.

Humorous and witty with an added spice of drama and suspense, this book keeps you hooked from the first chapter.
The secondary characters are the real draw for me, I can’t wait to delve further into lives of the residents of Nocturne Falls. If Nocturne Falls really existed, I would be packing my bags now.


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