Texas Mail Order Bride (Bachelors of Battle Creek #1) by Linda Broday


I love mail order bride stories and this one did not disappoint. Delta is a strong heroine who does not let adversity get in her way. Cooper has also had his fair share of troubles that have tainted his belief in himself.

A confirmed bachelor Cooper has no wish to be saddled with a mail order bride who only wishes is for her to get the next stage out of Battle Creek. Delta, having left a miserable existence as an outcast in her hometown, has no choice but to stay.

Delta soon forms strong bonds with the townsfolk and Cooper can’t seem to get her off his mind. With an old enemy of Cooper’s wishing to settle old scores, it is not the time for him to be distracted.

There is plenty going on in this book to keep you entertained. The group of characters introduced are all interesting in their own right and I can’t wait to discover more of the inhabitants of Battle Creek.


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