Death Be Charmed (Terra Vane #2) by Katie Epstein

This is the second instalment in the phenomenal Terra Vane series. Terra is a human clairvoyant working as an enforcer field agent with her shifter partner Kaleb. They have been tasked with securing twelve deadly convicts who escaped from the Portside Prison.

To capture one escaped prisoner Terra must journey to Darkwood, the sector of Portside populated by vampires. Terra finds herself drawn in to the warring houses in her quest to find the elusive prisoner.

Her quest is seriously impinging on her already complicated love life. She is struggling to overcome her feelings for her chief who also happens to be the older brother of her partner.

This is a gripping read and each instalment is better than the last. The characters and setting are richly detailed and complex. This is a book for any fans of urban fantasy who are looking for a new series to get lost in. An added bonus for those who have kindle unlimited each book in the series is available for free.



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