The Marquess and the Maiden (Lords of Vice #2) by Robyn DeHart


Six years ago, Lady Harriet Wheatley agreed with her mother’s plan to marry the son of her dearest son. Oliver Weeks, the Marquess of Davenport has inherited a bankrupt estate, is recovering from life altering injuries and been jilted by the woman he thought he would marry. He has no intentions of following his mother’s plan to marry her friend’s daughter even if she comes with a large dowry.

Now six years on Oliver has single handily refilled the family coffers to an extreme degree and takes pleasure in extravagant purchases. He agrees with his mother that now is the time to find a wife but is hesitant, he has not been in society for years and believes he will have little success. When his mother suggests he seek Harriet’s aid in finding a bride he is surprised that this beautiful attractive woman is still unattached.

Harriet has grown accustomed to being everyone’s friend and knows her curvaceous figure is at odds with societies preference for slim willowy ladies. Her main pleasure is being a part of the ladies of virtue. Society ladies who protect the public from pick pockets and other dangers. When the group is threatened she agrees to the plan to reform certain gentleman of the ton, her task to reform the greedy Oliver and agrees to help him in his task to find him a wife.

Harriet finds it hard to believe that a man that once scorned her now finds her attractive and both have secrets they seek to protect.

This was an ok read that had plenty of steam. The characters were likeable, but I found some scenes to be repetitive. I have read the other entry in this series and both books take place at the exact same time which has led to some crossover which I didn’t think worked well.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advance copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


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