Of Beasts and Beauties: Five Full-Length Novels Retelling Beauty & the Beast (Enclave Boxed Set Book 1)

This box set gives us five retellings of the classic theme Beauty and the Beast, there is no one genre in this box set however fantasy is the main genre.

In No Man Can Tame the human princess is forced to marry a dark elf by her father to bring peace to the warring country.

In The Garden Of Gold And Stone, Nida a descendant of a reptilian race needs a human male to hatch her new sisters. Rowec, a human is held hostage by the reptilian race. The two factions are raised to hate each other. Can they discover the truth?

Eye of the Beholder is a contemporary romance where two people join together to fight their enemies risking the bond they have forged in the process.

Excalliber is a superhero romance. A dangerous gang helps a team of superheroes to escape punishment for a crime they did not commit. Heather (excalliber) finds herself drawn to the mysterious gang leader and is reluctant to leave when the time comes.

The Blooming is a sci-fi story about a special forces team specifically two individuals who battled each other but now have to work together

Like all boxsets featuring different authors some stories are better than others. Each one does offer a different take on the theme of beauty and the beast.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advance copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own. For more reviews please visit my blog:



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