Royal Mess by Jenna Sutton


Royal Mess features two novellas focusing on two brothers who just happen to be Princes of Alsania.

Prince Leo is the Crown Prince of Alsania. He is considered the Polar Prince and his parents wish him to improve his approval ratings if he intends to become King. Participating in an organ donation drive seemed like a promising idea at the time. He is happy to donate his organs after death but when he is matched with someone needing a living donation he begins to regret his decision but when he meets the woman who needs his liver he is driven to help her.

Tess Lulach never expected to die from a small injury but when she suffers a reaction to the antibiotics that cause her liver to fail, she is desperate. Wanting to return to her small flower shop she is dismayed when her identity is revealed to the public. Everyone wants to know who received the Prince’s liver and to help the Prince with his image problem she agrees to a media tour.

Both are secretly happy to spend extra time with each other but can two people from different worlds be together?

Prince Marco is tired of being the playboy prince. Drawn to his new sister-in-law’s sister he is determined to forget her and enjoys a midnight tryst at a masquerade.

Cassie Lulach is tired of untrustworthy men. After a one-night stand she finds herself pregnant with no idea who the father may be. Marco steps in to help her but when he finds out that the baby was conceived at a masquerade can he tell Cassie the truth?

I found both stories to be an entertaining read. I especially enjoyed the well-researched use of liver donation. The characters were well developed and likeable. Even though they are novellas the relationship develops at a nice pace.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advance copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 



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