An Affair with a Spare (The Survivors #3) by Shana Galen


This is the third instalment in Shana Galen’s Survivor series. I have read the previous instalments in this series but each one can be read as a standalone.

The men in this series served together during the Napoleonic Wars under the command of Lieutenant Colonel Draven in a unit that was given dangerous and most often suicidal missions. What was once a company of thirty ended with twelve, nicknamed ‘Draven’s Dozen’. The focus of this book is Rafe Beaumont, fifth son of an earl.

Rafe is the forgotten child in his family. He learned from a young age he could charm women and he could never turn a woman down, even if he wanted to. His role in Draven’s company was to seduce the woman in his enemies lives to reveal their secrets. When he is tasked to discover more on the mysterious Colette he is shocked to find a woman immune to his charms.

 Collette Fortier, has been tasked by the French to discover the secret codes the British used in the war. Her aim is to get close to anyone connected to Draven. Rafe is a distraction she does not need if she wants to save her father’s life. Will she be able to resist Rafe and will he turn against her when he discovers her secrets?

While I have been greatly impressed with the previous books in this series, this book was a let down for me. While there is nothing I can say was wrong with the book, it just didn’t have the same magic as the others. I would still recommend it as a good book but start with the previous books. The author is capable of so much more.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advance copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 


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