A Devil of a Duke (Decadent Dukes Society #2) by Madeline Hunter


A Devil of a Duke, is the second instalment in Madeline Hunter’s Decadent Dukes Society series, I have not read the previous entry, and this can be read as a standalone.

Amanda Waverly, longs to leave her past as a thief behind her. Now employed as a secretary to the eccentric Lady Farnsworth, she is dragged back into the underground world to save her mother. Given the ask of securing a valuable jewel from the securely locked home of Sir Malcolm Nutley. Hatching a plan to seduce the younger brother of the Duke of Langdon to gain entry to the house next door she is dismayed to find he has no interest. Instead she has drawn the notice of the Duke himself.

Intrigued by the woman he has met at a masquerade, Gabriel, Duke of Langdon, he invites her back to his brother’s home. When his brother returns, Gabriel is dismayed to learn of several robberies of high priced items. Including a theft from the house next door.

Gabriel sets out for revenge, no one dupes the Duke and gets away with it. Amanda, despite her better judgement agrees to meet with Gabriel. Unable to resist the draw they have to each other, or protagonists set out to save Amanda’s mother.

While there was nothing that made me dislike them, I just couldn’t warm to either of the protagonists. I hate an insta-love story and it seemed like the author was trying to do this here and failed miserably. There is no element of sexual tension and the chemistry is lacking.  Along with slow pacing, this book is a difficult read as it just is not interesting enough. While the pace does get better towards the end of the book and the story more engaging, it’s not enough for me to recommend it.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advance copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 


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