The Earl in My Bed (Rebellious Desires #2) by Stacy Reid

Daphne Wentworth, Countess Carrington loved her husband from their first meeting. Blackmailed in to marrying Daphne, Sebastian refuses to have anything to do with her. After six long years of heartbreak Daphne has decided to be as scandalous as possible. Her husband will be left with little choice but to divorce her.

Sebastian, however, has his own intentions. Following a life-threatening injury, he has decided he needs an heir and the only person who can possibly give him one is his wife.  He has no intentions of giving in to his wife’s wishes.

What follows is a riveting tale of second chances. Both characters are strong willed, and it is obvious they are a perfect match. Daphne is not a simple-minded, weak woman typical of the era. Sebastian is shown to be compassionate and willing to risk his own life and happiness to benefit others.

 I hate it when authors rush to passion and make it the centre-point of the romance. It’s not believable and frustrates me. The romance develops at a natural pace here where the characters got to know one another, and time is given to overcome all the past hurt and mistrust.

A major plus for me was the characters fidelity. Even though they endured a loveless marriage neither of them broke their vows. While Daphne had been tempted to be unfaithful she refused as she strongly believes in the sanctity of marriage. While it is typical in regency romances for the husband to have sought “comfort” I was surprised that the thought had never even crossed Sebastian’s mind.

While I could have done without the presence of Viscount Redgrave I’m sure the drama of it will appeal to many readers.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advance copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own. For more reviews please visit my blog:


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