Scandal in Spades (Lords of Chance #1) by Wendy LaCapra

Giles, The Marquess of Bromton, has just discovered he is illegitimate. Raised to be a rigid nobleman who prized honour and duty, Bromton feels he has no choice but to give the estate to the rightful heir. Manipulating a card game, he sets out to lose to his friend and the rightful heir, Markham. Markham, however, has a bet of his own. His sister has sequestered herself in the country and a scandal and is deemed unmarriageable. The two men agree that Bromton should marry Lady Katherine to fulfil the debt.

Lady Katherine has no interest in meeting another of her brother’s friends. Tired of being the centre of a scandal, she sets out to repel Bromton. The two can’t help but be drawn to one another and agree to marry. Once Katherine discovers the bet, can she forgive Bromton.

While I enjoyed this book, I could have done without Julia and her foolish actions. It was unnecessary to the plot and I feel, detracted from the story. It’s obvious the author intends to use this in a later novel.




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