Lord of Temptation (Rogues to Riches #4) by Erica Ridley

This second chance romance features a couple who fell in love as teenagers but were torn apart by duty. Hawk discovered that his father left him astronomical debts. He needed to marry a rich heiress to save his estates. Faith is from a merchant family and not what Hawk’s family wanted for him. While he loves Faith, he knows he must let her go.

Ten years later, Hawk still mourns his lost love and is still desperately seeking an heiress. When he discovers his illegitimate brother’s, wife is Faith’s friend he sets out to apologise for his behaviour.

Faith has no interest in reconnecting with Hawk. Her family are now wealthy and determined for her to marry well. Faith is wholly concerned with the school she and her friend have set up. She desperately seeks to distance herself from Hawk for fear he discover a scandalous secret.

While this is started out well, the middle and end were sadly lacking. I found the characters likable initially. Once the big secret was revealed everything became overly dramatic. I started out liking Hawk but his actions after were high handed and chauvinistic.


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