The Luck of the Bride (The Cavensham Heiresses #3) by Janna MacGregor

The luck of the bride is the third in Janna MacGregor’s The Cavensham’s Heiress’ series. I have not read any books in this series but it’s not necessary to read them in order. Each stand well on its own.

March Lawson has been forced to care for her siblings in any way she could. Unable to contact their guardian to release the funds needed to run her family’s estate and ensure they won’t starve she is driven to desperate measures. Her only option could land her in jail. Forging her absent guardian’s signature to release funds from her dowry.

Michael Cavensham, the Marquess of McCalpin, is dismayed to discover an embezzler is using his name. Setting out to see his new wards for himself and discover the embezzler, he is shocked at the conditions the Lawson family are living in.

The two main characters can’t help but be drawn to each other but the path to true love is never easy. Both have secrets they are desperate to keep. with outside forces interfering in their lives for their own nefarious wants, these two strong individuals have many obstacles to overcome.

While I enjoyed the first half of the book I feel there was too many obstacles placed in the couples’ way. Even when they eventually reconciled there was still more hardship for them.

If you are looking for a complicated and


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