Bewitching (Regency Magic #1) by Jill Barnett


This book was recommended to me as I enjoy both historical romances and paranormal romances. I can not resist when the two are combined together.

After the woman, he was supposed to marry elopes with another man, Alec, Duke of Belmore finds himself facing humiliation. He determines to marry the next woman he meets. Unfortunately, the next woman he meets is stranded on an empty road, and accidents mysteriously occur around her.

Joyous “Joy” MacQuarrie is a witch. Unfortunately not a very good one. Her aunt has gone to America and Joy is supposed to go to her grandmother’s cottage. Unfortunately, her magic goes awry and she ends up stranded on an empty road. Convinced to marry the Duke she reveals her secret to him. Will these two opposite personalities overcome the obstacles in their way?

Even though this book was written in 1993 the writing still feels fresh, lively and engaging. There is just the right amount of steam to the book and it adds to the plot. The secondary cast of characters add to the book and I look forward to reading their stories. Part hiliarious, part heart-wrenching this was the perfect way to spend a lazy afternoon.



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