Baby on the Bad Boy’s Doorstep (Shadow Creek, Montana #4) by Victoria James

I received an arc of this book from the publishers via NetGalley.

This book is part of a wider series but can be read as a standalone.

Connor O’Leary returns home to finds a baby left out in the cold on his doorstep. He feels an instant connection to the little girl and s certain she’s his daughter. Determined to give her a better life than he had, he reaches out to his friends for help.

Haley Thomson is running from an abusive husband and seeks a safe haven with her only family. She has been attracted to Connor since their first meeting but is not ready for a new romance. When Connor needs help, Haley offers herself as a nanny. She cannot resist spending time with Connor and an adorable baby.

There was nothing “bad boy” about Connor, yes he had tattoos but who hasn’t got at least one these days. Yes, he does not have a formal education but he worked hard for all he’s got. As is evident by the actual villain in this story you should not judge a book by its’ cover.

I liked Connor as a character, he had overcome a lot and lacked the self-esteem to realise how good he was. I found Haley to be a bit judgemental considering her own background.

The plot develops at a nice pace and I liked how the author dealt with the issue of domestic abuse. Overall I would recommend this book, I did enjoy it.


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