A Scandal By Any Other Name (A Tale of Two Sisters #2) by Kimberly Bell

I received an arc of this book from the publishers via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Jasper is running from his responsibilities. He has no wish to inherit the Dukedom now that his grandfather has died. Fleeing to his friend’s estate he hopes to forget what he has left behind for a short while.

Julia is lived a secluded life in the country with only her family to interact with. As she was born with an exposed spine she is unwelcome in society. On meeting her brother-in-law’s friend she seeks to have the opportunity to be like all other women and have a flirtation with a handsome man.

I appreciated the author giving the heroine a disability which is unusual in historical romance and for it to be spina bifida (exposed spine condition as Julia calls it) is definitely a first. I do, however, have some issues.

First of all, I thought that Jasper took Julia’s condition and her fooling him way too well. This would not have fit the time period. Even now someone would not take kindly to being lied to. He got over it too easily in my opinion. There was also some issues with the plotting. the middle of the story loses focus. Another unrealistic point is Julia’s family allowing her to consider ‘living in sin’ with Jasper as the Queen would not give consent for him to marry Julia.

Overall it is a lighthearted read, but it just couldn’t hold my interest. I would recommend it to anyone who likes a heroine who is different and are not interested in much plot.


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