Duke du Jour (Lords in Time Series) by Petie McCarty

I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.
Jared Langley, present-day Duke of Reston, is not having a good day. He has just ended his engagement with the adulteress Lady Edwina and tumbles into an abandoned fountain on his ducal estate and travels back in time to the year 1816.

The servants and local townsfolk all believe Jared to be his namesake, the seventh Duke of Reston, gone missing at the Battle of Waterloo. Jared is determined to return to his own time, unfortunately, number seven’s enemies believe him to be Seven and are determined to put an end to Jared.

Trapped, Jared does not know who he can trust but he can’t help but be drawn to Seven’s childhood friend Lady Ariana Hart. Ariana has loved Jared(Seven) since childhood but had her heart crushed when she overheard him making fun of her. Meeting the new Jared all her feelings are reawakened but she tries to resist even if he does seem to have changed.

I loved this book. I was hooked from the opening chapter and the author keeps you guessing as to who the spies are and wondering whatever happened to number seven. The characters are well thought out and engaging. Jared is devoted to his role as Duke, and even though he is not number seven he takes over his responsibilities. He is so noble he is willing to forgo his chance at love so that he can return to his responsibilities and not change the future. Ariana is strong and independent and devoted to her father and her menagerie of dogs.

I have not read this author before but she definitely got a new fan. I look forward to reading more in this series.


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