As the Liquor Flows by Angela Christina Archer


I recieved a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Evelyn Ford, like many others in Hooverville, is desperate. Her cupboards are bare, her brother is missing and she is all out of options. All except one. Wearing her one remaining memento of her mother, Evelyn sets out to get a job in a burlesque club.

Once inside, her nerves get the better of her, and she fails to impress the owner. Vincent Giovanni, one of the patrons take a shine to her and insists on her getting the job. Despite her misgivings and doubts, Evelyn follows the owner as instructed.
Vincent’s second in command, Max Catalano, visits her while she’s dressing, shoving a fist full of money in her hands he instructs her to leave and never come back.

Taking the money Evelyn flees, only to find Vincent and Max at her front door. Vincent informs Evelyn her brother’s in jail and he owes Vincent a large amount of money. In exchange for Frank’s life, the mafia boss wants Evelyn.
Working to pay off the debt and becoming emersed in a world of mobsters and boot-legging, Evelyn can’t help but be drawn to secretive Max despite her misgivings.

The author paints a vivid description of depression hit New York. Fast-paced and intriguing this is a compelling story of survival.


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