The Heiress’s Deception (Sinful Brides #4) by Christi Caldwell


I received a copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

This is the fourth instalment of Ms Caldwell’s Sinful Brides series. I have not read the others in this series and this can be read as a standalone. Lady Eve Pruitt was a lonely child whose only friend was a street urchin, Calum. One fateful night, Calum is injured stealing from a gentleman. Eve seeking to help him runs to her brother, unfortunately, he is the gentleman Calum robbed and he turns him over to the authorities to be hung.

Seventeen years later, Eve must go into hiding to escape her brother’s nefarious plans. She seeks refuge in a gambling hell, disguised as a bookkeeper.Eve is unaware that this particular Hell belongs to Calum, her childhood friend whom she thought dead.
Eve was shocked to see Calum alive after all these years, but she kept her identity hidden, scared that he would turn her away in anger after she caused his near death at the hands of her brother.

If I was to describe this book in one word it would be, forgettable. There was nothing particularly wrong with the book, it just was not memorable. I wasn’t gripped by the story or characters.


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