A Good Day to Marry a Duke (Sin and Sensibility #1) by Betina Krahn

I received a copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Since her disastrous debut in New York, Daisy Bumgarten travels to London hoping to marry well. Unwilling to settle for less than a Duke she sets her sights on the Duke of Meridian, Arthur Graham. However,she must prove to his meddlesome family that she is deserving of the role of Duchess.

Lord Ashton Graham is instructed by his family to keep Daisy from his older brother, Arthur. Tasked to use any means necessary by the unscrupulous elders to ruin Daisy, Ash follows Daisy in her quest to authenticate her family.

This book was difficult for me to review. I started it several months ago and it couldn’t hold my interest. As I agreed to review it I felt I had to come back to it. The book did become more interesting as the story developed but I am left with a few issues. Arthur and Ashton are both adults and have long since gained their majority. Arthur is obtuse and unaware of his responsibilities until Daisy makes him realise how blind he’s been. Ashton is described as being his brother’s champion while at school, yet he allows him to be bullied by the elders who only have control because Arthur allowed them to be.

Putting those concerns aside I did enjoy the sweet romance between Daisy and Ashton. I loved Uncle Red, while he was a stereotypical cowboy he brought humour and laughter to the book. I liked the hints of romance between him and the Countess of Kew.

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