Romancing the scot by May McGoldrick

I received an arc of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Grace Ware has spent her life supporting her father. An Irish military commander who supported Napoleon, her father now helps deliver messages from Napolean’s brother in America to his wife in Belgium. While on one such mission, Grace and her group are targeted by assassins. Grace, the only survivor hides inside a crate, only to find herself nailed in and transported by ship.

Hugh Pennington, Viscount Greysteil, Lord Justice of the Scottish Courts is shocked when the ballooning basket he has been waiting for is uncrated. Discovering a delirious woman inside he is compelledto offer her aid.

Grace, upon awakening, must fake amnesia or risk being labelled a traitor. While Grace recuperates she cannot help her growing attraction for Hugh. Grace challenges Hugh and helps him to discover new ways of thinking.

Can two opposing sides find love all the while a hidden enemy lies close to home.

I found this an intriguing read. It is unusual in Regency novels for a main character to have served at Napoleon’s side. There is a delightful mix of intrigue, action, drama and above all else romance.

I would recommend this book to anyone who has a few hours to spare because once you start it, you can’t help but finish it.


1 thought on “Romancing the scot by May McGoldrick”

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