Lady Charlotte’s First Love (The Sutherland Sisters #2) by Anna Bradley

I received a copy from the publishers in via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review
Lady Charlotte’s First Love is the second instalment in Anna Bradley’s The Sunderland Sisters series. We first meet Charlotte and Julian in the first instalment of the series. Julian assisted his cousin Cam to blackmail Eleanor Sunderland into marriage by seducing her sister Charlotte. Unable to forgive Julian for his behaviour, Charlotte marries Marquess Huntley and Julian leaves for the battle of Waterloo.
In this instalment, Charlotte is now a widow and Julian has returned a war hero. Julian is enlisted by Cam and Eleanor to stop Charlotte’s descent into ruin, much to his displeasure.
The first instalment really needs to be read to understand the background of these two characters. I liked these characters in the first book but I just couldn’t connect with them in this story. They are both struggling to overcome their own personal demons and battling with grief.I feel a lot of the angst and drama could have been overcome if people would just communicate.
The story is well written and I will follow the series. I loved the first instalment but the characters in this were a letdown.


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