Delectable (Neighbor from Hell #9) by R.L. Mathewson

When I saw the preview at the end of Darrin’s story, I could not wait to read Reese’s story. This book did not disappoint. I absolutely loved it.

Reese has been forced to go on leave from the police force because of the letter his vicious ex posted. Left homeless and without a job to occupy his time he reluctantly heads out of town to spend the summer in the cottage that he’d rented for his honeymoon.

Spunky single mom Kasey has been the subject of too much town gossip. determined to ignore her ‘ Yummy’ neighbour she sets about ‘remodelling’ her kitchen. What could possibly go wrong when you have a boisterous 10-year-old and a roommate accountant to help?

While the series has been getting some bad reviews of late, this book definitely redeems itself. I loved Kasey and I am in awe of her ability to overcome so much pain and tragedy at such a young age. The author drew me into Kasey’s world and I was anxiously anticipating an HEA.


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