The Firstborn Prince by Virginia Nelson

Foster Boyd wants to take control of the family business. While no stranger to scandal himself, he is anxious that his twin brother’s recent troubles not impact their family’s legacy. Seeking to distract his brother he sets out to hire a woman to help him in his quest. Natalie Stolen is a disgraced image consultant.… Continue reading The Firstborn Prince by Virginia Nelson

The Perfect Duchess (The Macalisters, #2) by Erica Taylor

The Perfect Duchess is the second in Erica Taylor’s Macalisters series. I hadn’t read the previous entry in the series, but this didn’t end up being a problem for me as the author has crafted a story that stands perfectly well on its own. Andrew Macalister, the Duke of Bradstone, ‘The Stone Duke,’ was jilted… Continue reading The Perfect Duchess (The Macalisters, #2) by Erica Taylor

A Lady’s Honor (Everton Domestic Society #1) by A.S. Fenichel

Phoebe Hallsmith spent years caring for her ill grandmother. A short-lived engagement with a fiancée who tarnished her name led Phoebe to enter the Everton Domestic Society of London causing estrangement with her family. Returning from assignment she is met with a woman from her past. The Countess of Castlereagh demands Phoebe assist her son… Continue reading A Lady’s Honor (Everton Domestic Society #1) by A.S. Fenichel

With Love in Sight (Twice Shy #1) by Christina Britton

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Imogen Duncan at the age of twenty-six, is the spinster in her family. Facing a future as her parents aging companion she longs for an adventure.  Her mother, forbidding Imogen from where spectacles while in public, browbeats… Continue reading With Love in Sight (Twice Shy #1) by Christina Britton